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"To Lead is to serve To help others is to win" Robin Sharma

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Welcome to our website

                           MISSION STATEMENT
Dalade Group Homes is committed to providing safe, loving homes for at-risk youth to thrive and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Additionally our ultimate mission is also to provide shelter and a leadership programs with a support system that not only educate our youth but produce model citizens for a better tomorrow. We want to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children each year. Our commitment to rescuing these children from the ravages of criminal activities is shared by judicial agencies through-out California and across the United States.

                    VISION  STATEMENT

Dalade Group Homes was proudly founded on the idea that every child needs a home full of love and care. Our vision is to provide safe and family oriented homes filled with nurturing love and care. By these principles Dalade Group Homes will become a worldwide company pouring into others expressing compassion, love, and guidance to all children. We are a company grounded on the idealistic factor that in-home counseling and educational programs will assist them with their everyday life skills. Our inspiration is to protect the future for tomorrow; by helping others strive to reach their full potential. 

Introducing our amazing team

Roshanda Williamson,
Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer and visionary of Dalade Group Homes, with over 28 years of experience, is responsible for the success of Dalade Group Homes Organization. The CEO with the help of the Board assure Dalade Group Homes Organization’s relevance to the community, the accomplishment of Dalade Group Homes Organization’s mission and vision, and the accountability of Dalade Group Homes Organization to its diverse constituents.
Roshanda Williamson loves to spend time with her family, she also love to watch movies, working out, helping out in the community, and cooking. 
Her vision for Dalade Group Homes began in 2011 and the work began. She persevered through  hard times, and the persistence of her faith remained. Today, as she advances the vision, her belief to strive for excellence and give love to all has set her organization apart from the rest. This is only the beginning, the organization has expanded to include Soace Care Home for Women


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    Darrell Ary,
 Marketing Director

With 10 plus years experience in marketing , responsibility includes advertising programs, brand the board, and corporate sponsorships. Preceding joining Dalade Group Homes, he worked in key business advancement and advertising. Darrell's most prominent qualities are his inventiveness, drive and administration. He flourishes with difficulties, especially those that grow the organization's span. Currently holds a position as an executive of a governing body for a Fortune 500 company. In his spare time, Darrell likes to spend time with his wife and two children.

Deion Williamson,
 Sports Director

With 10 plus years experience in sports,  responsibility is to facilitate a fun, energetic, and structured environment for the clients to learn how to engage in activities and work well with others. The goal of our various sports classes is to provide social, emotional, fun games and activities centered around the respective sport. Deion love sports, spending time with his family, loves the youth and spending quality time with them. Deion's personal goal is to qualify as a basketball, baseball, and football sport team of Dalade Group Homes to compete nation wide in the sport arena.

    Jesse Ary Jr,
 Security Director

With 15 plus years experience of security, Jesse's responsibilities include  overseeing physical safety and security of the organization’s facilities/property and people – employees, clients, and visitors, as well as leading a team of security personnel in their day-to-day duties and responsibilities., ensuring that security staff is adequately equipped and trained. He authorizes access to facilities and ensures that all access is controlled. Jesse is a pastor who loves family and children, helping and serving his community, fishing and singing.

Human Resources (HR)

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Social Worker

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Group Home House Manger

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Behavioral Health

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Dalade Group Homes offer specialized treatment for specific issues, like autism, substance abuse, or inappropriate sexual behavior.  Anger management, Drug education Family therapy, Group therapy, Individual therapy, Individualized behavior programs.

Team Leader

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  Group Homes

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