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  Dalade Group Home program provides quality residential care in home-like settings where troubled clients are offered opportunities for constructive experiment, growth and development in supportive, responsive and non-restrictive environments with defined parameters.
  Dalade Group Home program also offers therapeutic services to assist in resolving many of the clients’ emotional problems. Through a structured behavioral treatment program, each client in our care will be able to begin resolving underlying psychological and emotional issues and will see socially unacceptable behaviors diminish. The resolution of these problems will enable them to choose more productive and responsible lifestyles.
  Dalade Group Home program is designed to provide a wide range of services to address behavioral, psychological or emotional problems caused by neglect, abuse and/or environmental stress.

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  "Transforming Lives One Person At A Time "
Because of your donations we are able to transform the lives of kids. Giving them the opportunity to learn and develop the skills they need to achieve to the next level. With your donation Dalade Group Homes provides computer literacy, independent living, life skills, transitional housing, etc.

No Donation is too big or small, We accept all.
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